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Dana: 'I definitely came to the point of a complete breakdown'

Dana won the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest before embarking on a career in politics CREDIT: DAVID ROSE

Dana has gone from music to politics and back again. Both have had their share of hard lessons, she tells Craig McLean 

25th October 2019

Dana Rosemary Scallon has been through, it’s fair to say, all kinds of everything in the half century since becoming the biggest teenage singing star in the world. “I lose track of the years,” she says quietly, sitting in the comfortable front room of her very comfortable home in the countryside in County Galway. And no wonder. The terrible events of Bloody Sunday happening right on the London-born Irishwoman’s Derry doorstep; a soaraway pop career, a cancer scare and two unsuccessful bids for the Irish presidency.

And now, at the age of 68, another – gentle – attempt at something...READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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